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Other Great Cue Games to Play on Your Pool Table
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There's more fun to be had on your pool table than just shooting Straight Pool. Here are some other games you'll enjoy playing on your new pool table. There's more fun to be had on your pool table than just shooting Straight Pool. Here are some other games you'll enjoy playing on your new pool table.

Eight Ball. You've more than likely played this game when you were younger. This game usually is played by two people. To play Eight Ball you'll need 15 numbered balls numbered from 1 to 15. One player aims to pocket only solid colored balls (numbers 1-7) while the second player aims for the balls with the stripes (numbers 9-15). Players work to pocket the colored balls Wholesale Derrick Williams Jersey , ignoring the black 8 ball. Once a player has pocketed all of their colored or striped balls, they start aiming for the 8 ball. Whichever player pockets the 8 ball first wins the game. However, once aiming for the 8 ball, a player must "call" the pocket in which she plans to hit the ball. If she misses the shot, she waits for her next turn. If she pockets the 8 ball in a pocket she didn't call Wholesale Chris Andersen Jersey , her opponent wins the match.

Snooker. You'll need to make sure you have 15 red balls, six balls of different colors, and the white cue ball to play this game, which has its roots as a cue game invented by British Army officers stationed in India. You'll also need a larger table (12 x 6 feet). The game is played by players alternating sinking a red ball and then sinking a colored ball but you also must do so starting with the lowest valued red ball, then the lowest valued colored ball Wholesale Danny Granger Jersey , etc.

Each of the balls also carries different point values. The red balls are worth one point each, while the yellow ball is worth two points, green is three points, brown is four points, blue is five Wholesale Ray Allen Jersey , pink is six and the black ball is worth seven points. The player or team who scores the most points wins the game; win several games (also known as frames) and you win the match.

Cutthroat. This is a great game for three players. You'll first need to rack up your balls and then have one of the players break them. Then each of you will choose either balls 1-5, 6-10, or 11-15. Unlike, Eight Ball, though Wholesale LeBron James Jersey , you'll want to work to keep your balls on the table and away from the pockets. The fun comes because the three of you will be aiming to sink each others' balls! There is some strategy involved as well -- you'll want to aim to get your balls into "unsinkable" positions on the table while you work to pocket your opponents' balls.

Nine Ball. As its name implies, Nine Ball is played with pool balls numbered 1-9. Players must have the cue ball hit the lowest numbered ball on the table before it hits any other ball, but you don't have to send the balls into the pockets numerically. It's OK if balls end up going into pockets out of numerical order so long as the cue ball hits the lowest-numbered ball first.

The object of Nine Ball (also sometimes referred to as 9-Ball), is to be the first player to pocket the 9 ball. You can pocket the 9 ball at any time (even with the first shot or even at the break), so long as you hit the lowest-numbered ball on the table with the cue ball first.

These additional games should help you get more excitement and intrigue out of your new pool table. With enough practice Wholesale Gerald Green Jersey , you can master each of these games and open the doors to even more fun and excitement.

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