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"Find Your Passion" Business Articles | February 18 Cheap NHL Jerseys China , 2005
The idea that you can find work that makes you happy seemsto be catching on. Only last week, I heard that a localinsurance company was running a series of 'Engagement'seminars for its staff. It was hoped that the trainingwould teach the employees how to connect with each other andbuild stronger relationships.

We tend to make friends with people with whom we find acommon bond or a shared interest. If we care about ourcolleagues we should be more motivated at work and thus moreproductive.

Donna Messer, the Canadian networking guru, suggests thatthe best way to build stronger relationships with bothcolleagues and clients is to find not just a sharedinterest, but a shared passion.

'One of the secrets of networking,' says Donna Cheap NHL Jerseys , 'is not totalk about business at all, but to talk about yourpassions.'

Whether you run your own business, or are employed by acompany, finding a way to do something you are passionateabout, is key to success in the workplace.

Maybe you are passionate about self-development, beingcreative or working in a team? If so Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , then it should not betoo difficult to find or create your own niche at work inwhich you can really thrive. But for most people, it isjust not that simple. Through conditioning, the need to befinancially secure and the fast pace of life, many of ushave no idea how to work what we love to do or even rememberwhat we used to enjoy doing before life got in the way.

Self-discovery Ideas

In her inspiring book, 'Work With Passion', Nancy Andersonexplains how you can write your life story in order to seepatterns emerge that will help you to dig up your childhooddreams. Anderson suggests that you start this autobiographybeginning with your grandparents and continuing for up to 50pages.

Many careers counsellors encourage clients to examine theirchildhood to excavate their passions. And while noteveryone may relish the idea of writing as much as Andersonadvocates Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , putting to pen to paper is one of the best waysto discover more about yourself.

What did you used to want to be when you grew up? What didyour parents want you to do and what kind of work did theydo themselves? Consider too, what work they did not want youto do. As soon as you begin to be influenced by the dreamsof others you start to conform and put your own dreams asidein favour of convention. Sometimes too, you end up workingin an area in which you are skilled and experienced, oftenrelating to the subject you were best at in school.

Unfortunately, what you are best at, is not always the sameas what you love to do.

Think about what you do that fills you with energy Cheap Authentic Jerseys , makesyou want to get up in the morning and causes time to fly.Conversely, think about what makes you feel tired, boresyou, or you always leave until last. If you know what youdon't like to do, maybe you enjoy doing the opposite?

Why passion matters

Anyone lucky enough to really enjoy the work they do, willbe enthusiastic about their career. That enthusiasm will beevident to clients and colleagues Cheap Jerseys From China , and in turn, will lead tosuccess.

When you do something you love this enthusiasm keeps youmotivated through the bad times, but maybe, moreimportantly, it allows you to be authentic.

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