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Are you thinking of turning to solar power for your house. If yes http://www.cheapretrojordansshoes.net/ , then youíll need to begin with analyzing your home solar power needs. The idea of using home solar power isnít new and today more and more people are turning to the sun for their power need. Besides, the sun offers an environmentally friendly, cheaper way to produce energy for your home.

To find the right home solar power system for your needs and to help out the environment there are some things you should consider. Here are a handful of pointers that can help you to educate yourself about home solar power.

Is This the Right Time for You to Turn to Home Solar Power?

Home solar power is now more affordable than ever before Cheap Jordan 4 , making it an option that people will consider when it comes providing power to the home. In the past decade the solar industry has grown and matured. This has also led to a significant reduction in the cost of solar panels. In fact, the price has dropped 40% in the past 3 years.

Now is a good time to consider home solar power because the installation is really quite affordable. Within 3 years or less you will completely recover the cost of the panel. Now letís look at whether home solar power is the right choice for you.

Is Your House Right for a Home Solar Power System?

Have you made the following changes? They are all easy to implement, and it will cut your energy usage significantly Cheap Jordan 6 , making you the right candidate for the use of clean renewable home solar power.

- Have you switched to CFL light bulbs

- Have you switched to energy star appliances

- Do you use smart power strips that turn off electricity when it is not being used

- Are your doors and windows insulated to stop the loss of heat

If you havenít implanted all of these changes, you will want to do so before you implement your home solar power system.

Is Your Roof Right for a Home Solar Power System?

You will need unobstructed area on a south facing roof for your home solar power system to be installed. There are other options that arenít as effective but if you donít have a south facing roof and you do have an east-west roof with good exposure you can rely on that. You can also look for a ground mount system that is obstructed. Remember obstructions will make your system ineffective.

The Cost of a Home Solar Power System

Before you commit to the installation of a home solar power system you should do your price checking. If you are going to leave the install to professionals then have them give you a written quote. The cost will be determined by a number of factors including the size of the panels, the type of panels Cheap Jordan 10 , and number of other factors. If you are able to do your own install you can save but you should not undertake the project if you arenít sure you have the right skill set, instead opting to leave it to the professionals.

A home solar power system is a smart move saving you money and looking towards the future.

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