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Tummy Tuck - What Is It? Health Articles | August 23 Homme Nike Vapormax Collegiate Marine Chaussures Bleu Pas Cher , 2010
A tummy tuck is a type of cosmetic surgery procedure whereby excess fat and skin from the abdominal region is removed. Here we look at some general information surrounding this type of operation.

The medical name for a tummy tuck is abdominoplasty. The root ?abdomino? comes from the word abdomen. When this surgery is performed the plastic surgeon works on the middle and lower areas of the abdomen and removes excess skin and fat from the region. He then carefully stitches the muscles and loose tissues back together. What this accomplishes is to tighten the wall of the abdomen and help to keep it in place. It also helps to prevent future bulging or drooping from occurring.

Think of it like this; in the case of a tummy tuck the skin in the abdominal area that is a source of concern and self consciousness for the person in question is pulled down to make it tighter and firmer, as well as more resilient. Then the excess that is not required is surgically removed from the body.

If the patient has some obvious stretch marks on the lower abdominal area then some of these may be removed with what the doctor cuts away. Some of the stretch marks that remain in place may actually show signs of improvement following the tummy tuck. In some cases the physician may need to make a small incision for the patient?s navel because the abdominoplasty may change the position of it slightly. In most cases however patients are so happy after they see the positive results of their surgery that having a new belly button does not bother them very much at all.

The end result of a tuck is a stomach that is tighter and flatter. Not only will the skin look smoother and more youthful but the muscles will also be stronger and less likely to cause problems in the future. There are different types of tummy tucks that you can have. A person who is only concerned about the appearance of their lower abdominal region can chose to have a mini tuck as opposed to the longer and more extensive procedure. This is something you will need to discuss at length when you meet with the cosmetic surgeon.

If you wish to undergo this type of procedure you must be healthy both in a physical sense as well as a mental one. Your weight should have been stable for the last six to eight months and it should be considered within the range of healthy. If you are overweight then you will be asked to drop some pounds before the operation can be performed. This procedure is well suited to those who have too much skin that is loose and sagging on their stomachs as well as weak muscles. The results of the abdominoplasty will be contingent on such factors as your age, the state of your health and the elasticity of your skin.

Which of the following protocols should be blocked at the network perimeter to prevent host enumeration by sweep devices?



C. IPv4


Answer: D

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