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If you find yourself intrigued or interested in vintage burlesque then youíre not alone. It is hugely popular right now thanks to the most infamous of all modern burlesque performers Ms Dita Von Teese. She virtually alone has brought this 1940ís art form right in to the modern day mainstream.

If youíre eager to vintage burlesque a go Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , here is what you will need to get you started.


Vintage burlesque is all about telling a story, in a very suggestive, cheeky naughty way. And the best way to bring your vintage burlesque story to life is by choosing a great costume. This can really be anything you want from something as simple as a great pair of heels, feather boa or hat Wholesale NFL Jerseys , to something really extravagant such as an intricate corset or silky layered lingerie underneath a negligee. Choose something that is flattering to your body and makes it look enticing and itís very best.

When choosing your burlesque costume this is also the time to choose the theme you wish to depict as part of your story telling. An oriental theme including chop sticks in your hair with a silky kimono, a sexy siren or even something very sweet and innocent are all excellent vintage burlesque themeís. Really itís up to the depths of your imagination as to what you can conjure up and what you feel comfortable portraying.


Once you have chosen your vintage burlesque costume and theme now is the time to choose your music. If you prefer to go for music that is current, then it is best to choose something that firstly matches your theme and then matches your routine. Most burlesque dancing is more about slow movements and long suggestive lines rather than a traditional erotic dance routine, so try to keep that in mind when you are choosing the music.


The best burlesque performers are the ones that put the tease in to their burlesque. They know that itís more about the power of suggestion than doing anything brash or outrageous in their routine. Keep this in mind when putting together your steps. You will want to start with a fabulous entrance Wholesale Jerseys From China , showcasing your fabulous body and your costume. Keep an eye on your audience. Give them a little smile or blow them a kiss. Make sure you stay in character and use your prop as part of your routine.


A true vintage burlesque performance involves a burlesque striptease. If you are doing it for just a bit of fun, then you donít need to take everything off. But you will need to perfect the removing of parts of your clothes for it to be a genuine performance. This can be sexily removing some elbow length gloves, or seductively rolling your suspenders down your leg. To removing your outer clothing.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that they key to vintage burlesque is to always keep in character and no matter how much you take off Wholesale Jerseys China , make it slow sensual and most of all fun.

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