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Ron Virmani - My Experience In Nairobi National Park
Posted by Ron Virmani on February 24th Femme UGG Classic Cardy Sweater Haute Bottes 5819 Grise , 2016

Many people like travelling to new places. This is the reason people normally save enough money so that they can travel and have fun once in a while. You will discover that the most appropriate time for travelling is during the holidays. During the last holiday, I happened to visit Nairobi National Park in Nairobi. Ron Virmani is one of my good friends whom I treasure so much. He actually suggested the place for me because he has ever visited the place in the past. I had other alternatives but he recommended that I try visiting Nairobi National Park. I trusted him and that is the reason I did not hesitate. My experience in Nairobi National Park will always linger in my mind. Ron Virmani truly choose a good destination for me.

Nairobi National Park is full wildlife resort that is located just outside the city of Nairobi, Kenya. It is 117 square kilometers in size. My experience in Nairobi National Park was as follows:

1. I saw many wild animals.

Ron Virmani had previously told me that the park normally has many wild animals. Some of those animals include: zebra Femme UGG Classic Cardy Sweater Haute Bottes 5819 Noir , lion, hippo, giraffe and so on. In addition I saw the black rhino in the park. Black rhino is the pride of the park because it is an endangered species. I realized that the only common animal that does not frequent the park is the elephant. Initially Femme UGG Classic Sheepskin Haute Bottes 5815 Sable , I used to see some of these animals on television. However, when I visited the National Park, I had a clear view of everything.

2. I saw a historic monument.

I had the opportunity to see a historic monument where ivory had been burnt in protest of the ongoing poaching of wild elephants and rhinos. The purpose of this was to put to an end the act of poaching wild animals.

3. I had photo sessions.

I had to take photographs of various places and even those of animals so that I can remember the visit. I took several photos with my camera and even requested one of my friends to take a few photos of me near the historic monument. It was an experience full of fun

I am truly grateful to Ron Virmani for suggesting the place for me.I had a lot of fun. Whenever I remember the experience Femme UGG Classic Sheepskin Haute Bottes 5815 Grise , I normally have nostalgia. Kenyan people are friendly people. I also took photos so that I can show him how the experience was. Ron Virmani is one person you can trust and rely on. We have been friends and I enjoyed my holiday courtesy of him. Nairobi National Park is indeed an incredible place.

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