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Rhymes of an Ordnance Man
[Vietnam War: 1971]

An eleven part poem
By Dennis L. Siluk

I had went to Vietnam at the age of 23 [1971] Christian Wilkins Dolphins Jersey , and it was most interesting, there were 205,000 troops there when I arrived. I was asked recently at a lecture [question and answer] at a University in Peru, Huancayo Minkah Fitzpatrick Dolphins Jersey , at the Los Andes, Language Center, how I liked it. Most of the students expected me to be down right rigid with my remarks, I think. But the first thing that came to mind was Dan Marino Dolphins Jersey , ' is a high," and so I expressed that to the students, they were a ting surprised. And so in this poem I try to outline a few of the more normal occurrences, and include the highs one may find in everyday soldiering in a war area:

Part One

Vietnam: Guard Duty at Dusk

?I paced along the wired fence
Quietly all night;
There was no stars DeVante Parker Youth Jersey , no moon

Just timid darkness for my light?br >
I glanced from tree to tree
I glanced from bush to bush
I saw a shadow moving

That never said a word:

聯Halt, who goes there?? I cried. But he
Never heard me, I wondered why (?)

Oh, I called him several times Cordrea Tankersley Youth Jersey ,
As I walked the path alone;
And I watched and watched聴but

Never saw the foliage move.

I ordered him against the fence
The sorry skies were dark like flint;
He heard the click from my rifle go

And cried like a morbid child.

O, I had no time to tarry?
So I said, once and for all:
聯Clasp your hands against the fence,

Or they聮ll find you dead tomorrow!?br >
I dreamed about that evil night
Now crowded with the dead;
War is not all love and laughter

聴he never clasped his hands!

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Part Two

Vietnam: The Frightful Fool
(Dedicated to the Los Andes Students)

聯This is not a game Charles Harris Youth Jersey ,?I said
And he quivered his looks away;
All the schooling he has in his head,
Will do for another day?

I cannot silence, though I try
The sound of rockets in the sky;
Hurls at us in five-ton trucks:

The odyssey, of staying alive.

Yet Durham Smythe Youth Jersey , life is still a joy聴and all is well?br>(As we make earth our little hell).

We who hear war聮s red silence
(And are still alive to tell)
Lift up your eyes, see heaven,
Get out of the mud, awhile.

In fact Xavien Howard Youth Jersey , I didn聮t mind the horrors of war
For that is what we were there for;
Rather, I hated the mud, rain and grime;
And the shrapnel at times.

Part Four

Vietnam: Heroin-day

And I found in the open jungle

Golden light and golden peace

A thousand birds were singing!

I forgot, I was here to fight

To fight like a devil if need be.
I was in a fog聴day-dreaming;
Kissing wenches amongst the

Glare and the grime Laremy Tunsil Youth Jersey , and trees.

I lay my rifle down to bit

To join the other dreamers yet
Dancing on top of a tin-roofed hut;

As if we were all crazy or nuts.

Fighting: was a far, far cry.

I never knew if the enemy was


Note: #646 5112005

Part Five

Vietnam: Going Home

I聮m goin?home in the

Mawin??br>I聮m glad to have the chance?

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