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Psychologists Are Practitioners Of The Mind Health Articles | December 1 Cheap Knockoff Shoes , 2010
Psychologists are health care practitioners who specialize in understanding the human mind and how it works. They may work with people or in research. These professionals have many years of educat...

Psychologists are health care practitioners who specialize in understanding the human mind and how it works. They may work with people or in research. These professionals have many years of education and are able to profoundly affect the lives of their clientele. Many scientists who work in health care and do scientific research have realized the profound interwoven connection between mind and body. A healthier mental state leads to bodily well-being and vice versa.

In order to become a psychologist, these professionals must attend four years of university studies before applying to graduate school. Undergraduate work may vary but is usually a broad range of subjects, which include communication, psychology, social studies Knockoff Shoes , mathematics, anatomy, physiology, general science and more. In order to be admitted to a graduate program, a person must take entrance exams and receive high marks.

After passing examinations and being admitted Knockoff Adidas Shoes Free Shipping , they continue their academic learning about the human thought process and brain workings throughout graduate school until they receive a doctorate or PHD. They also complete hours of working with individuals. Some are much like therapists or counselors but have a more advanced degree. Therapists, counselors and social workers often have Masters? Degrees rather than doctorate degrees. Some that train in this field decide to work in research and statistics rather than interact with clients. Experiments and research projects may include gathering data by working with animals as well as humans.

The human brain is a complex and often misunderstood organ. There are many theories about how and why it operates in certain ways. The mind has a much more profound affect on our lives, actions and our health than any other single body part. There are many psychological theories, which attempt to offer explanations. Examples include Freud?s psychosexual theories, Piaget?s cognitive developmental ideas Knockoff Adidas Shoes From China , and Maslow?s hierarchy of needs pyramid.

Sigmund Freud was famous for his beliefs about how many issues are rooted in sexual origins. He believed that humans are driven by sexual needs, libido, pleasure seeking, penis envy, and more. Piaget focused on learning about the way different age groups thought processes developed over time. Maslow concentrated on a pyramid of needs that humans have. The bottom portion of the hierarchy consisted of foundational items such as basics for survival. Food Knockoff Adidas Shoes China , shelter, and safety made up the lower portion of the triangle. When those needs were met, items such as friendship and love became relevant. Not until all these basic requirements were satisfied could an individual become creative, self-actualized and more.

Psychologists often focus on certain specialized arenas such as behavioral, employment Wholesale Knockoff Adidas Shoes , school issues, relationship difficulties and more. Some practitioners have private offices where they practice their craft while others are employed by school districts, businesses, hospitals or prisons. Although these professionals have received doctorate degrees, they are not able to dispense medication.

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