#1 So, as a observer and pontificator on local politic von zhouyueyue 18.12.2019 04:33

I have been concerned about governmentpolitical apathy for some time. Especially Rondae Hollis-Jefferson Jersey , when it comes to local government. A unique idea has come out of Nevada.

Daniel Rosen has announced his intent to run for U.S. Congress. If elected, he promises to vote as instructed by his constituents on his web site. He claims that ?Registered voters in the 2nd District of Nevada will have total control over how I vote. I'm not running an opinion poll. It's a binding process.?

I see problems of only having 'registered voters in the 2nd District of Nevada? vote on-line.

1) What kind of procedures will be needed to insure that only 'registered voters in the 2nd District of Nevada? cast their votes on-line?

2) Will every registered voter will be given a password?

3) What about those 'registered voters? who do not have access to, or the knowledge of how to operate a computer? Would Mr. Rosen purchase computers and classes for everyone?

4) Or, would the computer dummies become non-factors under this program?

Mr. Rosen correctly points out that even Congressmen don't read all the legislation they vote on. Yet, he somehow believes that if given this power Julius Erving Jersey , citizens will read all bills upon which his vote will be cast. He states, ?apathy comes from people viewing themselves as perfectly powerless, and once people are really convinced that their opinions count, then I think that apathy will disappear.?

Mr. Rosen's delusions don't stop there. It gets worse. He further states, ?I hope the system will be developed so that legislators are bound by law to follow the dictates of their constituents.?

What may I ask Drazen Petrovic Jersey , has become of leadership? Has it really come to the point where we don't even want our representatives to think for themselves?

I have long believed in the quote of James Clarke, ?A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman thinks of the next generation.? Under which category would Mr. Rosen fall? Since it looks like he is only interested in getting re-elected, I would classify him as a politician, not a statesman. What this country needs is a whole lot more statesmen!

So, as a observer and pontificator on local politics Brooklyn Nets Jeremy Lin Jersey , why does Mr. Rosen fascinate me? He only wants to destroy national politics. This idea of direct democracy has to be stopped before it finds its way down to the local level.

Imagine trying to decide whose street gets fixed with on-line voting. How about voting on a new squad car? Do we need another employee in the Clerk's Office?

How about local judges? They are elected officials. Must their plea bargains be approved on-line?

The resumes for every teaching position are placed on the web, and citizens vote who gets the job?

Mr. Rosen must be stopped.

Did I mention he was a composer and musician? Maybe that explains his naive delusions?

Copyright 2006 Al Arnold

Chevy Chase Treat Poker for Fun

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Poker enthusiast, Chevy Chase is among the many Hollywood actors who love playing poker for fun and excitement Poker enthusiast, Chevy Chase is among the many Hollywood actors who love playing poker for fun and excitement. This is what live and online casinos offers for players 鈥?exciting actions, fun time Brooklyn Nets D'Angelo Russell Jersey , and recreation. Though for a poker professional, from being a mere enjoyment and past time they made big money from it with their overwhelming skills.

Cornelius Crane 鈥淐hevy鈥?Chase is an American Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer and television and Hollywood film actor who is born into a prominent entertainment industry family. He was born on October 8, 1943, age 67 Jeremy Lin Nets Jersey , at New York City. Chase is known as star of film and screen, and belonging to a wealthy family who own Ipswich Castle in Ipswich Massachusetts is a plus factor.

Chase's popular work includes 'Caddyshack', 'Vacation', and 'Fletch' movie series. His film career also includes movies like 'Snow Day', 'Vegas Vacation' D'Angelo Russell Nets Jersey , 'Nothing By Trouble', 'Funny Farm', 'Deal of the Century' and more that definitely hit the big screen making his acting career a success, adding his family's legacy. Chase was also a writer and performer in NBC television show 'Saturday Night Live'. His television credits also include 'All In The Family', 'The Nanny' Jeremy Lin Kids Jersey , 'The Howard Stern Show', 'Primetime Glick', and 'Chevy Chase Show'.

Poker Enthusiast

Undoubted, Chase made it to his Hollywood career and undeniably, he was also enjoying it being a celebrity poker player. In fact D'Angelo Russell Kids Jersey , Chevy Chase has played in many celebrity poker showdowns and in numerous charity events. He enjoyed playing poker with his fellow Hollywood stars - celebrity poker player and a part of the prestigious Hollywood Gourmet Poker Club. One of Chase's friend, Johnny Carson established this Hollywood club which they both belonged and regularly met every month to play poker and to unwind.

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